Please join us at the 33rd International Congress on School Effectiveness and Improvement in Marrakech, 6-10th January 2020 to help generate a new agenda of Global North and South collaboration targeted at school improvement, youth empowerment, and sustainable development.

The conference will be hosted by the Moroccan Center for Civic Education in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Training, and Scientific Research, and the Regional Council of Marrakech-Safi Region. This will be the first time the conference is being held in Africa. The time is right for such an encounter because it occurs at a juncture when Africa and other developing nations seek genuine collaboration to achieve sustainable quality school improvement for all.

ICSEI colleagues have thrived as change makers thanks to the influence of this international network. ICSEI 2020 Marrakech is about accelerating the expansion of this network to include more policy makers, academics, and practitioners from developing countries.

The ICSEI 2020 theme – Education, Youth Empowerment, and Sustainable Development: Collaboration between the Global North and South to Improve Education Quality – is key for educators and policy makers across the Globe. Whether you are from a developing or developed nation, we invite you to explore and share educational solutions that can improve young people’s academic and life chances by equipping them with the confidence, tools and dispositions to succeed.

The conference’s five cross-cutting themes are designed to help unpack the interrelations of quality education, youth empowerment, and sustainable development through the lenses of effective early childhood education; teacher capacity; values education, school leadership, and school governance. The programme will be organised around six sub-themes:

  1. education and youth empowerment;
  2. school improvement and career readiness;
  3. inclusive education for migrants and refugees;
  4. school leadership and improving education for marginalized groups;
  5. improving instructional practice; and
  6. the role of policy makers, researchers and practitioners in promoting school change.

ICSEI consists of six networks: Early Childhood; Educational Leadership; Policy, Politics, and Practice (3 P); Methods of Researching Educational Effectiveness (MoRΣ); Professional Learning; and Data Use. ICSEI’s community of educational researchers, policy makers, and practitioners recognizes that that educational challenges as well as opportunities are increasingly transnational. ICSEI 2020 in Africa recognizes the border-crossing nature of the 21st century opportunities and threats in their relationship with schools. It will, therefore, provide the space for exchange, learning, and collaboration between high and low to middle income educators to create enduring personal and institutional partnerships targeted at continuous and solidary educational improvement for all.