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Important things to know about Marrakesh and ICSEI 2020

The meeting venues

CSEI preconference events, including Master Classes will take place in Mohammed VI Cultural and Administrative Palace (M6CAP)  .

This meeting venue is gifted by the Morocco Ministry of Education to ICSEI for two days as part of its sponsorship of ICSEI 2020. Completed in 2016, this palace is chosen to offer our guests a space for sharing that also steeps them in the country’s rich architectural heritage. This will also be the place for the opening ceremony and the reception event. M6CAP includes a conference hall comprising an 826-place lecture theater and two seminar rooms sitting 283 people each, as well as an art gallery hosting exhibitions.

It also includes a cultural department comprising a reference and cultural activities library (a multidisciplinary library, a computer room, an information room for visually-impaired and hard of hearing people, an audiovisual room, and a children’s area).

M6CAP is five to ten minutes by car/coach from the home hotel. Transportation to and from M6CAP will be provided in stops near the conference hotels to facilitate transfer during the pre-conference phase.

The main conference activities will take place in Mogador Palace Agdal. The hotel is within a walking distance of the fabulous gardens of Agdal. It offers a peaceful retreat from the bustling city center while only 10 minutes away from Marrakesh major attractions. The hotel convention center has a plenary session room that can host 1606 delegates, 18 rooms for breakout sessions, and a breathtaking view of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains.

The city

Marrakech is a fantastic city that first comes to mind when you think of Morocco. No trip to Morocco is complete without a visit to this city. Marrakech is steeped in rich history and culture and flush with natural, historic and architectural wonders. Discover more about Marrakech and plan your trip from here:
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An extremely popular holiday destination, Marrakesh benefits from wonderful weather for much of the year. January would be a good time to visit Marrakech as the weather is mild and conditions are wonderful for mid-winter. The average temperature on any given day in January hovers around 13 degrees Celsius.  This average includes an average low of 7 degrees and a high of 18 degrees Celsius.

Please check the weather forecast closer to your dates of travel for the most accurate outlook.