Getting Around


The national airline, Royal Air Morocco (RAM) operates many domestic flights. There are 18 airports to help you discover Morocco, from north to south! Visit to learn more.

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The rail network run by Office National des Chemins de Fer (ONCF) covers the entire country and the Supratours bus company takes over if your destination does not have a railroad station. Starting in 2018, a high-speed train serves the Casablanca-Tangiers route. Please visit to plan your trip.

If you choose to travel by coach, the Compagnie de Transport Marocains (CTM) and other private companies offer comfort and convenience for a pleasant journey.

Within cities, choose from taxis, buses and trams (in Casablanca and Rabat). Rates are regulated and all taxis have meters.

If you decide to rent a car, there are plenty of agencies at your disposal. Cars drive on the right and most vehicles have manual transmissions. However, the automatic transmission is increasingly available as an option. Do not hesitate to request it if that’s your preference. Road signs are in French and Arabic. There are national highways that run north-south to serve all of Morocco.