Mogador Palace Agdal is the conference home hotel. For details about the hotel, please check the following website:

Mogador Palace is a dry hotel. It is located, however, within less than 5 minutes’ walk from a cluster of other hotels that offer alcoholic beverages. These include Rawabi Hotel and Spa, Adam Park, Marrakesh, Mogador Kasbah Hotel and Spa, Palm Plaza Hotel and Spa. Please find the links of each of the hotels:

  1. Rawabi Hotel & Spa:
  2. Adam Park Hotel & Spa:
  3. Mogador Kasbah Hotel & Spa: https//
  4. Palm Plaza Hotel & Spa:

If you are interested in high end Andalusian/Moorish style hotel experiences, please consider the following options:

La Maison Arabe

If you don’t mind spending extra on your hotel while on holiday, La Maison Arabe is an excellent choice. This hotel is considered one of the most luxurious and elegant in Marrakech and that will come with a higher than average price.

Marrakech can be a bustling and potentially overwhelming city and La Maison Arabe provides a perfect oasis from its frenetic nature. A pool, room service and splendid accommodations are available to every guest that stays in this hotel.

Riad Nori d’Ivoire

Another hotel that is considered one of the best in Marrakech is the Riad Noir d’Ivoire. Centrally located within the city, this hotel is quiet, due in part to being located in a residential area.

The staff will cater to your needs in helping you navigate the city and unwind while staying in the hotel. These beautiful accommodations include traditional Moroccan styling. In addition, you can take advantage of the stellar cuisine served from the hotel chefs.

Riad La Porte Rouge

Riad La Porte Rouge is considered one of the finest hotels in the city of Marrakech. Most popular with couples, this resort is known for its red carpet service. The staff carefully attends to guest needs without a second thought. Enough cannot be said about the hospitality of this lovely riad.

Riyad El Cadi

Riyad El Cadi is another popular hotel in Marrakech but it has a wider appeal. This hotel often has deals running on Trip Advisor so it is a great option if you are minding your budget. This structure is eight houses joined together so each room has an added sense of privacy.

Riad Les Trois Mages

The Riad Les Trois Mages has a reputation of excellent and friendly service. This hotel is popular with young couples for its fantastic location and energetic spirit. The Riad Les Trois Mages is frequented by travellers from the United Kingdom so the staff is proficient in English.